Client Comments & Reviews

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These are some comments I’ve received directly from clients:


“I am completely overwhelmed and in LOVE with our wedding pictures. I knew in my heart I had the best day of my life … and I can’t even believe how you were able to capture all the candid moments I remember so vividly!!! … I forwarded the link to friends and family and have heard non stop accolades for how GREAT they all are. By far the biggest compliment came from my father … a man of few words … who told me today what a gentleman he thought you were, and how effortlessly and politely you documented our day.” — Liz and Rich

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“We received our wedding album on Friday, and we could not be happier with how it turned out!  The quality of the photos are fantastic and the layout is so tastefully done and well-organized.  I love how there is just enough variation in photo size and layout without looking at all chaotic.  It is also a very unique and personal touch to have our wedding invitation included – I can’t believe how well your charcoal outlining, white matting and silver gilding all matched our color scheme so perfectly!  Thank you so very much for all of your thoughtful attention in preserving these special memories for us.” — Valerie and Daniel

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“Zlatko, these are amazing! I am so thankful for such an amazing photographer who can capture the smallest of moments and make them utterly gorgeous!” — Kim and Michael

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“I cannot believe how beautiful these pictures are. You are really a master at what you do. Thank you for giving Kevin and I memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.” — Livia and Kevin


“Thanks again for everything – we love our photographs and love how you captured the emotions and special moments of our wedding day.” — Allison and Jameson

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“Your photos are truly wonderful.  You really captured so many wonderful memories! I don’t know how you did it! ” — Nathalie and Brady


“You did such an incredible job telling the story of our wedding with pictures; thank you!” — Bina and Nick


“I just received the wedding album ….  It is lovely and beautifully put together.  Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day so memorable.” — Claire and Rich

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“These pictures are beautiful! We have gone through them multiple times and all we can do is laugh and say ‘oh my god.’ You captured some amazing moments and we are so happy that we made the decision to hire you to tell our story!!” — Allison and Kevin

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“I just want to take a moment to say that the pictures are absolutely beautiful, we couldn’t be happier with how you captured the wedding, the emotions and US! We are so glad that you were a part of our day. I have recommended you to everyone I know and will continue to do so.” — Sarah and Warren

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“I have been meaning to write you and thank you profusely for doing such an amazing job at the wedding. Robby and I are SO thrilled with the photos and thought you did an absolutely perfect job of capturing the story of our wedding and still being able to be completely unobtrusive and so kind.” — Clare and Robby


“Simply amazing!! You are a true artist.” — Nancy and Brendan


“Zlatko, this incredibly verbose lady is speechless. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you have done to make my wedding memories gorgeous, I really appreciate it, my album is lovely!” — Kristy and George


“Colin and I want to thank you so much for photographing our wedding. We are beyond impressed by your talent and just thrilled with all the pictures! Looking through the pictures was like re-living our wedding day all over again. It really takes true talent to take so many fantastic photos. Everyone who has seen the pictures so far has raved about the quality of the photos and the moments captured. We just love the photos you chose to feature on your website – great choices!! Looking forward to seeing you again someday for another photo session! We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to hire you again and we will definitely recommend you to everyone we know!” — Jessica and Colin


“Zlatko, these pictures are incredible … truly breathtaking. Going through them is like reliving the day – thank you for capturing the spirit of such a happy day for us. Really, we can’t thank you enough for your beautiful work.” — Claire and Jeff


“What fantastic news! We are flattered to be included in the magazine and know that your work is truly deserving of this recognition.” — Jessica and Hector

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“We simply love the pictures you took, and everyone else loved them as well.  It took us days just to look through them all, and we had such fun reliving the wedding.  … Seeing myself in your pictures really was quite the revelation for me — I didn’t know how elegant I looked!  Thank you so much!” — Michelle and Joseph


“Your pictures are magical, and capture the wonderful moments of our daughter’s wedding. I don’t think we could ever thank you enough for your beautiful work. I’m reliving the whole day as I look at the pictures, and I can’t stop smiling. I love the shot on the bus going through Times Square!” — about Natalie and Alex’s wedding photos — Beverly (Mother of the Bride)


“We have been so happy the last week looking at all the photos online. Can’t wait to see them in person! Thank you again for giving us the gift of such wonderful memories of a beautiful day. You are truly amazing at what you do and I can not thank you enough.” — Lauren and Rob


“We love the photos you took, it was great to relive that day through them.” — Kathryn and Eduardo



“The Knot sent us several copies of the magazine already … we were also pleased with how it all came out. … We continue to receive many, many compliments on the shots from our wedding, and we are looking forward to receiving our album!” — Andrea and Dean


“Just wanted to thank you for being so wonderful and patient with everything Saturday at our wedding. Everyone just raved how you were so non-obtrusive and just a pleasure to be around. I thank you very sincerely for your hard work on Saturday! We appreciate it very much!” — Danica and Ryan


“It was such a pleasure working with you. You are a true artist! Thank you.” — Jennifer and Glen


“The images are stunningly beautiful! I cannot stop recommending you to everyone I know who is getting married. Thank you so much for capturing our day so well, reviewing the photos online I actually felt like I was there all over again. I cannot thank you enough for doing such an exceptionally beautiful job, Brooke and I are grateful and delighted to have had you there.” — Maggie and Brooke


“INCREDIBLE!!! The photos are beautiful Zlatko. Thank you so much for everything. We love all the images…. You really did a spectacular job at capturing the evening.” — Nicole and Luigi


“It was so easy to work with you, and you did so well making yourself invisible! My mom doesn’t even remember you being at the house before the wedding!! Granted our minds were all in the clouds, but that just goes to show how successful you were in making yourself unnoticeable so you could get the most candid shots–well done!! … The photographs are beautiful, so artfully taken. We really could not be happier with everything you’ve done.” — Katya and Riley


“Just wanted to let you know we received the album, it’s GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much for all your work. We will treasure the album and the memories it holds for the rest of our lives.” — Sonya and John


“We received the album this week and LOVE it. It is truly beautiful!” — Nancy and Chris


“They are all amazing, and we are really excited to see the proofs. The selection you sent was perfect. We displayed them at our UK reception on Saturday, and they really told the story of the entire event. Every single person at the party on Sat. commented on the photos. They really were the centerpiece of the evening. … My already high expectations for our wedding photos has been completely surpassed. They are simply amazing.” — Kate and Dan


“The pictures are AMAZING. I can’t stop looking at them.” — Victoria and Michael


“I couldn’t stop looking at the photos yesterday! You captured so many wonderful moments and memories from our wedding day. It is so fun to re-live the events of the day through your photographs. I’ve already begun to share them with friends and family and am already receiving compliments about how good the photos are. Thank you so much!” — Jocelyn and Louis


“I am speechless! I just spent the last 3 hours viewing your incredible work. Your photos truly capture every moment and emotion of our wedding day. Thank you! I look forward to looking at these over and over and sharing them with our entire family and friends. I can’t wait to receive the proof prints. How will we ever choose, they are all amazing!” — Ana and Stephen


“The pictures are great!!!! … We couldn’t be more happy with your work and recommend you to everyone!!” — Jennifer and Evan


“Today we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! So hard to believe how quickly the time passed! We were looking at our pictures again today and just can’t tell you how pleased we are with them. We continue to rave about your work to all of our family and prospective brides/grooms :-).” — Cassidy and Daniel


“Thank you very much … for capturing our wedding so beautifully. The pictures are fabulous — everyone loves them. — Alicia and Matthew


“I LOVE all of the pictures! We don’t know how we’ll choose… Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job!” — Nicole and Matt


“The pictures of our wedding are amazing!!! We are so happy with the way they have turned out. Thank you so much!” — Elizabeth and Scott


“Just wanted to thank you so much for the pictures – they are amazing. You really captured great moments that I’ll be able to cherish forever. My personal favorites are the ones outside as sunset!” — Shannon and John


“Thanks again for doing such a fantastic job and giving us so many great photos to choose from. …. [W]e sat down and looked through all the pictures yesterday and we both got a little teary. It really brought us back to the moment, which is testament to how well your pictures captured the feel of the event.” — Jess and Andy


“We’ve been away, so we just looked, and they are lovely! Thanks so much … So many choices!” — Kristin and Dennis



“I can’t tell you how many people came up to us and said they saw you seemingly everywhere all at once and that you were fabulous. … Thanks again so much for sharing your beautiful artistry with us on our wedding day! Pictures are obviously soo important to me and you are amazing! :-)” — Chasi and Adam


“WOW! I don’t know how to thank you, Zlatko. I was flipping through them and they are absolutely wonderful. … You are so talented and you went above and beyond for us.” — Jennifer and Nick


“I have to thank you for a great job. We truely enjoyed having you photograph our wedding. We have mentioned your name to several newly engaged couples.” — Dawn and Marc


These photographs are just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of my friends + family think so. thanks so much for all your thoughtful photographs! you really captured such lovely moments….” — Teresa and Michael


“THE PICTURES ARE AMAZING – thank you thank you thank you.” — Carly and Michael


“OK the proofs are now posted online and I am in love!! The pictures are amazing and I can’t even tell you which ones are my favorites because I love them all!!” — Lauren and Chris


“I just wanted to thank you for sending the pictures. They are really amazing. We are having so much fun looking through them. Thank you again for an amazing job capturing all of the greatest moments of that day and night!” — Michelle and Devin


“We received the album, and it’s beautiful! We are very pleased!! I can’t wait to show my parents. Thanks again Zlatko!!!” — Bethany and Jason


“The pictures look great! You did an amazing job of capturing the day. Some of the moments you captured … couldn’t have been better if they were posed.” — Nicole and Francesco


“I can’t even begin to express how fantastic the photos look. We’re just so happy with the results. They bring back the fun of the day and we can’t help but smile as we go through them. I just love how well you captured our family and friends throughout the day. We can’t thank you enough.” — Maria and Adam


“Five years ago today you photographed our wedding, and you captured it perfectly. I visit your website from time to time, and it is so exciting to see how many weddings you have done in these past five years. Your photographs are so beautiful — what a gift to make so many people so happy! Thank you again for capturing the best memories of our day.” — Noelle and John


“Zlatko was really able to capture the energy of our wedding.” — quoted in The Knot Weddings New Jersey magazine. — Jessica and Thomas


“We all love the pictures and can’t wait to share them with everyone. We are very happy and love how you captured all the moments. It’ll be tough to narrow the pictures down to our favorites.” — Rebecca and Greg


“I received my photos today and I couldn’t be happier … I absolutely love them!! Now comes the part where we have to decide which ones we like best, and I can’t imagine picking just a few.” — Melissa and Rob


“Thank you! You photography is amazing. It’s a joy to look at these photos and see all that I missed that day! … Will most likely order an album within the next few months. Thank you sincerely for all of your hard work and time, the photos are beautiful! You are the best!” — Nicole and Adam



“We started going through them, and they are brilliant! Your composition style makes the event-on-paper so much more interesting and meaningful.” — Talia and Richard


“Thank you so much! I still can’t stop looking through the proofs on line – they are breathtaking! Everyone who’ve seen it so far is in love! You truly have an unsurpassed talent!” — Elena and Frank


“Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! … I am so amazed at all the shots you got without me even being aware that you were taking them … and those are the best.” — Lynne and Ebon


“We were impressed that you were on the lookout for special moments … The photos really capture the warmth, love and tears of joy that filled the day.” — Jobi and Eric


Every time I walk through the halls of our house, or friends come over and the albums come out, I am thankful how talented you really are. … To come to our wedding having never met us before, and capture every great image you did, continually blows my mind. The greatest thing is when friends look at our pictures, they see something else. They see where they were, who they were with, what they remember, the fun they were having, and the memories start all over. On a sadder note, since our wedding some family members have passed on. The greatest images we have, where they seem their happiest, was at our wedding and these images are captured for us forever. For that we are also extremely grateful. I wish you the best in providing the future with happy memories. Our pictures never collect dust. They get handled too much.” — Carolyn and Lawrence


“You will be ‘very satisfied’ with this New Jersey pro, who received nothing less than perfect marks from brides. ‘He was marvelous,’ raves one bride, and ‘captured perfect moments.’ But don’t wait to check him out — this photographer photographs 40 to 50 weddings per year and books up quickly.” — The Knot Best of Weddings 2007


“The pictures are absolutely stunning in person …. we couldn’t be more pleased!!” — Kristin and Jay


“We received our pictures yesterday and they are amazing! … A few friends came over last night, and we literally spent hours looking through them. You shot a perfect ratio of black and white vs. color pictures and the majority of the candid shots were hysterical! We all had such a great time that night, and you really captured the mood perfectly!” — Jennifer and Darryl


“Thank you so much. We spent the whole night going through the photos. We LOVE everything … you captured all of the best moments.” — Lynn and Bill


“Although we’ve just started to review the proofs … I wanted to let you know that we think the pictures look TERRIFIC.” — Julie and Luther


“We’ve just finished looking at all of them and we’re both overwhelmed. First – the beautiful box! Second – the shear volume. Third – the exceptional quality of so many of the pictures. Fourth – your eye. The things you see, and capture! Amazing. Fifth – the outstanding quality in terms of lighting, focal depth and not to mention composition! I’m in awe. We’re simply just so happy we found you. it was a pleasure having you around – pictures or not – and now when we get to enjoy the fruits of your labour we’re able to relive the wonderful day all over again!” — Cecilia and Johann


“I’m so happy that you were the one recording the moments of our big day. What a beautiful day it was! … The photos are beautiful!” — Tara and Matt



“We continue to relive our special day through your perceptive lens. You did a fabulous job and we are forever grateful.” — Melissa and Daniel


“They arrived, and we love them!!! Thank you so much. You beautifully captured so many joyful moments.” — Lisa and Chris


“You did an AMAZING job. It was a lot of fun to re-live the day with the pictures. There were so many nice shots, it will be hard to choose which ones make it into the album.” — Alicia and Anthony